job4u International

Are you looking for staff ? We are here to provide the best solution for your business needs!

We are established on the market over 10 years where we provides improvements within recruitment sector and best solutions for our clients.

We have available Slovak, Czech, and other EU candidates looking for a jobs in abroad.

We supply the candidates for various jobs sectors. Our clients may choose from skilled or unsilled workers.

Depends of your business needs we can supplier pemanent or temporary workfoce to work.

We provide the personnel to our clients in following sectors:

  • Hospitality – Hotels & Restaurants
  • Logistics & Warehouse & Transport
  • Technical & Construction & Industry – Production sector
  • Agriculture – Farms
  • Nursering & Care assitants
  • Student jobs for temporary positions and other depends of business needs

Please do not hesitate to contact one of the company manager below in case you are looking for any staff for your business. We are happy to discuss your reqiurements and help you to find the best solution for your business.

Mgr. Renáta Krausová Recruitment Manager 00421 915 231 517 job4u-renata
Martin Eštočák Recruitment Consultant 00421 944 258 690 job4u-martin